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  • Virtual Private Servers

    Power your creativity with our VPS 

    Enjoy full control and real-time provisioning

    Root access gives you complete control over your VPS so you're free to install whatever software you choose and ensure your server is configured exactly how you need it. Host websites, store data, create test environments, run games and much more. Your virtual server is ready to go when you are. Simply choose your operating system, place your order and it will be set up quickly. Upgrades are automated, quick and hassle-free with minimal downtime.

    Meticulously engineered for optimal performance

    We've developed our powerful VPS platform using the best Dell PowerEdge servers and Intel dual Hexacore Xeon CPUs teamed with your choice of 10k SAS or Samsung SSD drives configured in RAID 10 for unparalleled performance and reliability. We use KVM hypervisor virtualisation so that your server operates at maximum performance with minimal overheads. You benefit from better reliability, privacy and full end-to-end user control with full scalability. Our state-of-the-art UK data centre has a swift, direct 10GB/s internet connection, and your VPS boasts a 100MB/s connection with unlimited, unshaped bandwidth.

    24-hour hardware/network support

    Our VPS hardware and network are closely monitored around the clock by our own experienced engineers who react quickly and intelligently to any potential issues. If you have a question about your virtual private server, simply contact our friendly in-house customer services team who are more than happy to point you in the right direction. You also enjoy full access to our extensive support knowledgebase, which contains a wealth of helpful guides, explanations, and step-by-step tutorials to help you along the way.

    99.99% uptime service level agreement

    We know how crucial peace of mind is, which is why your VPS has a 99.99% uptime SLA and the promise that we will provide you with compensation if you experience even 0.01% downtime in any month. We aim to fix any network issues in less than four hours, and in the unlikely event it takes longer you can claim one day's free service for every hour that your VPS hosting is unavailable after the first four hour period. `

    User-friendly server management

    Make managing your VPS easier with out-of-band console access, recovery mode functionality, one-click installs of popular software such as WordPress and Minecraft, and a fast-track DNS wizard. All these functions and features are directly available at no extra cost through your server's purpose-built control panel.

    Professional Services

    Maintaining your server can take up valuable time and resources. Our skilled support team is available to take care of a range of one-off tasks for a small fee.

    We understand that every server is different, and we tailor our work specifically to your server setup and requirements, ensuring you get the service you need.

    State-of-the-art servers designed for you

    Affordable and high-quality VPS

    • Simple Control panel
    • Easy backups
    • Load Balancing 

    Simple Control panel

    Every server administration tool you need is accessible through your user-friendly VPS control panel. Built by our in-house hosting experts, it has been carefully designed to give you convenient one-click access to upgrades, simple power and rebuild features, and complete console access to your virtual private server. Not only do you have SSH and VNC capabilities, but you also have recovery mode options, full DNS and DNS wizard functionality, snapshot backup scheduling, and at-a-glance graphs and stats at your  fingertips.

    Add cPanel or Plesk to your VPS as well and you can run your server quickly and easily without needing extensive Linux or Windows much more all from one convenient web-based interface.

    Easy backups

    We know that fast, easy, and reliable backups are essential to your business and projects, which is why we offer different options for complete peace of mind. Choose our automatic backups with snapshot option to take a full copy of your disk image, scheduling automatic backups to run regularly or taking one on demand as needed. You can even roll your whole server back to a previous snapshot to reverse recent changes. Alternatively, select mountable space and tell us you'd like automated backups – we'll set them up at no extra cost to give you additional control over the data you restore.

    However you choose to safeguard your data, rest assured that using our backup services means it's uploaded and stored on a separate server for added redundancy. 

    Load Balancing

    As you scale up your business, both redundancy and reliability are vital for your continued success. Purchase our load balancing add-on to gain the ability to quickly and easily set up a load balanced network between multiple servers in your account.

    Load balancers are perfect for websites that run large or multiple databases, have to deal with massive numbers of requests, or frequently experience a lot of web traffic.

    Advanced Configuration options allow you to select the front-end port, load balancing algorithm, health check method, and individual server weighting.

    Your hosting, your way


    We're responsible for...

    • Server hardware and software
    • Power and network availability
    • Console access availability
    • Control panel license availability
    • Any additional work you request
    • So all you need to worry about is...
    • All server software and performance
    • Configuring hosting and email settings
    • Securing your server
    • Network configuration
    • Installation of third-party modules and plug-ins